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Oil. We are one of Davao,Mindanao

> producers in the Philippines. Our company is one of

> the listed company operating as a

> primary Oil Producer. It is also one of Philippine's largest

> and most

> efficient Oil-producing entities.

> Because of its existing capital

> structure and size, it has strong

> funding capabilities to expand

> through acquisition.


> We have Oil now available in great


> quantities and ready for

> quick exportation. 90% of our


> product is for exportation. Our

> Oils meet the prescribed standards


> in the international

> market. We are well know for our


> quality Oil production and for our

> services we render to our


> customers. Our Oils are highly


> recommended


> Min Quantity: 100MT

> Productivity: 25000MT/Month

> Loading port:Port Davao

> Country of Origin:Philippines

> Delivery time: 15-20days

> Quantity per 20 ft container: 22MT/Flexi tanks

> Packing: As customer requires

> Price: sunflower Oil: $650USD/MT

> Payment Terms:30% TT in advance against PI and 70% after confirming

> product, Please let us know if you are still

> willing and interested to purchase our

> Oils and we will gladly respond to your quotation

> Best Regards

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